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 Rocking Horses For Sale 

  Below are a selection of rocking horses for sale that have not yet been restored or are currently undergoing restoration. These can be reserved allowing you to have an input into making the horse truly your own. With your choice of colour of leather, saddle cloth, rosettes and mane and tail, even paintwork, it can be exactly as you imagine your perfect rocking horse to be.

  If you see a horse you’d like more information on please do not hesitate to contact us. New horses arrive regularly and you can be put on our mailing list, just let us know by email.

All horses are priced to include restoration.






KALIMBER - J R Smith £1200

A tiny bow horse by J R Smith, circa 1900 standing just 29” high. These small horses on bows are very sought after due to their size. He will be fully restored.

 Kalimba 1





ZITHER - Smith circa 1880/1890 £2000

You need a good imagination to see what this horse could be, he's obviously had a long hard life. Beyond the peeling paint, red mouth and marble eyes is a gorgeous early Smith, circa 1880/1890 he should be around 48-50” high on a stand, he was bought without a stand, the one he’s on is borrowed, so he will have a new chunky custom made stand. He needs some new ears and proper eyes to replace the marbles, leather tack and mane and tail, and new paint.

Zither 1


FLUTE - G & J LINES no 21 £1200

A pretty little plain carved, circa 1920 standing 38" high. His stand has a lovely brass plate on the base, this is the first one I’ve seen from the retailer, Henry A. Murton, apparently a department store in Grainger St, Newcastle. He'll be a beautiful horse once restored, in very good condition and has his original ears and eyes. 

 Flute 3



NEDDY - is a circa 1880 J & G Lines Price restored  £2500

  An extra carved bow rocker, he’s quite rare being extra carved and small at only 34” high, most this size were the plain carved horss. He's in the process of being restored, he is at the moment drying, he’s been re-gessoed, that is a plaster coating that sands smooth ready for painting. The poor thing was saved from a bonfire, the lady I bought him off said her dad rescued him and bought him home, painted him and she had him 60 years, She asked that I always keep this story with him and that his name stays as Neddy. .


 Neddy 5



 TAREK - F. H. AYRES D Type Price restored £7500

A stunning large horse , circa 1920 50" high, D Type models were the top of the range horses, with extra carving, a tongue, carved teeth and  intricate muscle and tendon carving not seen on other horses. This one has his original saddle, this is rare as most are lost over the years. His stand has the Harrods Knightsbridge stencil denoting he was sold from this famous London retailer. Under the gloss paint is original dappling, which will be revealed and restored and a new mane and tail.

Tarek 1




Tuppence 1Tuppence 2 

 A large 50" high Ayres horse circa 1920, extra carved with a tongue.

Tuppence is undergoing restoration at the moment, the stand will need the cross pieces replace and some stabilising,

it has the remains of a retailers Whiteleys stencil on the base Whiteleys

  VERNON - Collinson SOLD

Brigadier 1Brigadier 2

A lovely early Collinson, 45" high he has extra carving a big strong horse that will look super restored.

The stand will be stripped and polished, it has turned posts unlike the more modern Collinsons. 



 Haggis 1Haggis 2

A beautiful early J & G Lines

45" high very finely carved with an original bit, waiting in the restoration queue.

    THISTLE ~ Unattributed SOLD

Thistle 2

Thistle is unusual, her maker is unknown but theres a possibility she could be a plain carved horse by P. Leach. She has certain attributes of Leach horses, whatever make she is shes very beautiful and will be even more beautiful once restored.

  CHARLIE ~ Lines Bros SOLD


 Charlie is so pretty, he is a Lines Brothers Ltd, Sportiboy size 2 38" high, his original paintwork will be restored and he'll have new tack, his original stirrups and bit and rosettes will be retained.  

   QUEST ~ Ayres SOLD


 A rare large Ayres bow, circa 1880.



44" high plain carved circa 1910, looks like he has original paint under this black gloss and hopefuly it can be restored.





  If any of our horses are of interest and you would like to view them or would like more detailed information please email or if you're concerned about how to arrange delivery we can always put you in contact with a courier.

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 Rocking Horses Rule complies with the Distance Selling Regulations where horses are bought over the internet or by phone. In those circumstances customers are fully entitled to cancel the sales contract within 7 days of delivery. A full refund will be given provided that the goods are returned in an undamaged state. Customers are responsible for the cost of carriage on returned goods. In accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations the right to cancel does not apply where customers have ordered bespoke rocking horses once work has commenced. Delivery is the responsibility of customers. We can recommend several reputable couriers but strongly advise that customers confirm that couriers are fully insured for the carriage of finished goods.

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